Inter University Article Competition

The 17th Issue of the most awaited University Business Magazine is coming soon. Grab this wonderful opportunity to publish your ideas on Entrepreneurship, IT and Management in “Exposition”.


Exposition Magazine

Issue 17

With the vision of “A Thought Leader in Digital Transformation” the Department of Industrial Management publishes the Exposition Magazine, the most outstanding magazine of the year to bridge the gap between Management and IT platforms. It is one of the leading university business magazines issued to mark the footprints of undergraduates in the corporate world. The legacy unfolds for the 17th consecutive year and for the first time ever we are ready to publish your valuable articles.

Write away to your heart's content and submit your articles to 'Edify,' the first-ever Inter-University article competition of Exposition.

The winning article will be published alongside other valuable content like interviews with illustrious personalities and articles on the latest business trends.


Rules And Regulations

•Entrepreneurship, IT & Management are the themes of Exposition 2021. Consider these themes when writing the articles.

•The articles should be in English.

•Articles should be approximately 1000-1500 words in length.

•Should be written as a continuous narrative in a chapter or article style, not as lists of points.

•Structure of the text should be relatively formal.

•Articles should be well researched & therefore should cover unique areas


•Plagiarism is prohibited. Reproduced information from the web is not accepted.

•Articles should be based on your original ideas and views and should not contain any facts directly from the web.

•Facts & claims should be verifiable.

•Should represent viewpoints fairly & without bias and be focused on the main topic.

•Topics should be relevant & creative.

•When choosing the winner, Judges' choice will be given more priority.

Submission Guidelines

•Articles should be illustrated with appropriate & high resolution (300 dpi) images.

•Avoid Clip Arts at all purposes. Use graphs, charts & other graphical tools. If graphs or charts are used, the name should contain the purpose and what it shows.

•Article Submission Link will be provided after the registrations.